Event organization

We undertake corporate – and other private events arrangement! Instead of the usual schemes , we offer our guests an invigorating atmosphere and Mediterranean culinary experiences.

The restaurant offers guests a space area of 400nm , and we have a 530 square meter function room . Whether buffet, standing or seated receptions designs, the restaurant and private dining room is an excellent venue for your events!

Our cooks prepare the site you want – events, corporate and family event- the restaurant’s favorite dishes found any . We also welcome displacement. Our cooks prepare the site or event you want, corporate and family reunion – with the restaurant’s any favorite dishes.

After a consultation with our chef you can create any menu what you need! If you want a meal what is not included in our offer, we are also happy to prepare!

Ask for a personalized quote:

Fazekas Ildikó

Max City

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Budapest 1056, Erzsébet tér 11.

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