Montenegro Gurman Restaurant

Our History

The Montenegrói Gurman is a traditional restaurant. With it’s flavors, atmosphere and hospitality offers our guests a truly Mediterranean feel.

The smell of freshly grilled food and the magic of the Montenegrin milieu evoke the atmosphere of seaside holidays. Traditional dishes are made by original recipes and by our chefs and bakers who’s arrived from Serbia and Montenegro thus ensuring the Southeast European cuisine authenticity and diversity.

The pljeskavica, Csevapcsicsa, Ustipak are made of pure veal, the bread is kneaded and place in oven baked by their own hands.

Not only the South-East European cuisine lovers can taste, but also for consuming fast food seeking, the ideal place is the Montenegrói Gurman.

In the restaurant all the food is fresh, made after the order. We are working with high-quality, fresh, natural ingredients.

Our main aim is to serve our guests delicious, healthy and nutritious meals.

Our first restaurant, which was open in the heart of the city at Blaha Lujza square, it has more appreciative prizes – the winner in Budapest Time out magazine, “Best exotic cheap eats” category of the 2010 and 2011 years, the Dining Guide Magazine, “Best Exotic diner “category 1st prize!

Because of the great success, opened our new restaurant in Törökbálint MAXCity the mall. You can find the flavors and the menu of ours now in one another place!

Max City

Törökbálint 2045, Tópark u. 1/A



Budapest 1056, Erzsébet tér 11.

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